First Class 2021

This is us on our first day back in school after the summer holidays. We welcomed Savannah to our class.

We have had a busy start to the year.

Take a look at some of the things we have been up to.

We enjoyed planting bulbs in our school garden.

We enjoy playing lots of “cluichí teanga” with our “cártaí” in Irish class.

In SESE we talked about houses and homes around the world. We learnt about how homes are built using different materials. In our groups we planned and designed how to build houses out of different materials e.g. paper, card, lollipop sticks, straws etc. and then we tried to put our plans into action! We are the architects and builders of the future!

At the end of September we said goodbye to Canon McKinley as he started his retirement. We really enjoyed listening to and singing along with the Garda band. We sang “It’s a long way to Tipperary” with Canon McKinley. The whole school wrote to Canon McKinley to say what we remembered most about him and we drew pictures of him. Ms. Richards put them all together in a book and presented it to him. We will miss him but hope he enjoys his retirement!

Congratulations to Ada on being awarded the first Principal’s award of the year. It was a great day in our class- we also won class of the month for September. Mrs. Shirley was very proud of us. We enjoyed a movie and popcorn afternoon as our reward!

We visited the Book Fair in the hall. Lots of us ordered books too.

We carried out an experiment to see if plants grow better in the dark or in the light. We predicted that they would grow better in the light. We were right! But, we were surprised how much our cress seeds grew in the dark. They don’t look very healthy though do they?

We made our own version of a “greenhouse” and grew some beans in a plastic bag stuck on our windows! Can you spot the different parts of a plant? They are now planted in our school garden as they got too big for our plastic bags!

We had a visit from Heritage in Schools. We explored Biodiversity. We made food chains and food webs.

We went searching for mini beasts. We collected them and examined them.

We enjoyed looking at the skulls of different animals.

We created a garden of paper flowers.

What do you think of our toucan drawings?

We learnt about primary and secondary colours.

Do you like our spooky cats?

We love to work on our I Pads! We can be very competitive in our Maths games!

We learnt about our skulls and made these cool skull masks! Do you recognise us?

We dressed up for Hallowe’en. Lottie won a prize for her creative scuba diver outfit. We explored pumpkins and wrote reports about them. We listened to a story about Crankenstein and then drew pictures of him.

We made and brought in 29 Christmas shoe-boxes for Team Hope!

We had lots of fun exploring static electricity.

June has been a very busy month in First Class

Here is a small sample of some of the activities we have enjoyed this month.

Mrs. Prendergast showed us how to separate mixtures. We love Science experiments!

Pyjama and ice-cream day was a huge success! The sun shone for us too!

Sports Day was a little different this year. We missed our parents being there to see us but we had a “Podtastic” Sports Day in school as we competed in our class pods.

Ms. Richards gave us our medals and rosettes. The Flamingos were the overall winners. Congratulations!

We made and decorated paper airplanes and tested them out!

We worked in pairs for our Scavenger Hunt around the school garden. We looked for flying insects, snails, spiderwebs, rough bark and smooth bark, fruits, different coloured flowers, ants, and animal droppings amongst other things! We felt very important with our clipboards!

We really enjoyed the day Amy the Super Hero entertainer came to visit. We played with bubbles, watched a magic show, danced and had lots of fun. Limbo dancing was great fun…we may or may not have cheated a little! Amy gave us balloon swords to take home too.

We’ve had picnics in the sunshine, played with bubbles and baked rice krispie buns too.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December got off to a great start in First Class… we won class of the month!

Miss Richards presented the cup to Lucy and Tom.

Our class was chosen to decorate the Christmas tree in the foyer.

We led our online school assembly on the theme of Advent. We all took part. We were so excited. We worked very hard preparing it!

Some of our Christmas art activities included…

Christmas candles

We really enjoyed doing these guided drawings of Rudolph. Mrs. Shirley thinks we are amazing artists.

We created a 3D Santa out of paper.

We learnt a poem about San Nioclás and wrote it out and illustrated it.

We listed to stories about elves and decided to apply for the job as one of Santa’s elves. We wrote to him to tell him all the reasons why he should pick us for the job. Look at some of our applications.

I’m happy to say that we all got the job so Santa will have plenty of help this year!

We were thrilled to receive a video message from him to say we had all made it to the nice list this year. Look at all our happy faces when we saw he had left presents for us all in our classroom.

We have been exploring how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world. We would like to wish you Feliz Navidad from Mexico, Buon Natale from Italy, Joyeux Noel from France, God Jul from Sweden and Happy Christmas from us!

First Class 2020

First Class are thrilled to be back in school again. We have had a great start to the year. Let me show you some of the things we have done so far.

We shared our memories of the summer holidays and told our friends what we had been doing since we last saw each other.

We enjoyed a walk outdoors and used our senses to explore our school garden.

We love to play our Maths games.

We used our mini whiteboards to write Number stories of our teen numbers. We are getting very good at our Make 10 and Doubles facts too. We love to use Maths Talk to explain our thinking in Maths. We have been exploring and using lots of different Addition Strategies. We love to spot when we can use them in our work.

During Maths Week we used our Maths Eyes in the playground to spot all types of Maths- shapes, patterns, time, length, numbers etc. Mrs. Shirley took photos of them as we found them- she could hardly keep up with us! We really enjoyed it. Here are some of the photos we took. See if you can make up a Maths question to go with each photo.

During Anti-Bullying week we read “Have you filled a bucket today?” by Carol McCloud. It encourages kindness and positive behavior. It uses the concept of an invisible bucket to show how easy and rewarding it is to express love, kindness, and appreciation by “filling each others buckets.” Amongst other activities we created these Bucket Filler flip booklets. We try to be bucket fillers every day in our class and not bucket dippers.

We have explored the writing genre- Report Writing. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the country India and wrote reports on the country. We learnt about the people who live there, what they wear, what they eat and what currency they use. We know where it is located, what the Indian flag looks like (it’s very similar to the Irish flag!) and we looked at some famous buildings there. We liked the Taj Mahal best. We created a report on India at the end.

We also created reports about giraffes after we read facts about them and watched some videos about them. Do you like our reports? We were very proud of them.

Hallowe’en was a lot of fun. We dressed up and raised money for the children’s hospital. Can you recognise us?

We drew some very special pumpkins. We then drew patterns on them and used our pastels to create very colourful pumpkins!

We also listen to a story about Crankenstein and followed a guided drawing to create him.

We wrote about Oíche Shamhna as Gaeilge.

We are wonderful poets too. Take a look at the Hallowe’en poems we wrote.

We love art! Take a peek at some of the pieces we have created. We have been learning about colour. We used primary colours to create secondary colours. We sorted our crayons into hot and cold colours and used them to create autumn trees.

We enjoyed using our pastels to create these emus! Aren’t they fabulous?!

We have done a lot of work studying patterns in words and writing them. We love doing our word sorts!

We enjoyed an online call from the DSPCA and learnt how to be kind and care for animals.

Science Week in First Class

What a busy, exciting week Science Week has been! Take a look at these pictures to see what we have been up to.

First of all we carried out lots of different experiments based on the theme of sound.

Aisling watched sugar move because of sound vibrations.

“Me and my sister made a telephone out of paper cups and string to see how sound can travel. It really worked. We could really hear each other. It was fun.”

We made our own xylophones and composed our own songs!

Senan put different letters beside glasses of water. They contained different amounts of water. Then he spelled words by tapping the correct glasses.

Lots of us tried the Walking Water experiment. We learned that the coloured water moves up the paper towel by a process called capillary action. It was fun watching the colours mix too.

We discovered how flowers bloom in spring and made flowers that bloomed in water! We were amazed to watch them slowly open!

Katie and Robyn tried the Poke the bag experiment. Katie watered the herbs in her garden with the water when she was finished!

The Science Behind the Experiment– Plastic bags are made out of polymers, chains of molecules that are flexible and give the bag its stretchiness. When the sharp pencil pokes through the bag, the stretchy plastic hugs around the pencil, creating a watertight seal around the pencil…and the bag doesn’t leak.

These are some of our favourite experiments we discovered and tried ourselves.

As part of Science Week we carried out an Egg Drop Challenge!

We had to design and make a container or contraption to hold an egg and drop it from 1 metre. The aim was to keep the egg in one piece! Disclaimer…some eggs didn’t make it! If the egg cracked we tried to think how we could change our designs the next time to stop the egg from cracking. Judging from the faces on the videos that were submitted this challenge was enjoyed by all! Take a look at the video below to see for yourself!

We had such fun this week with this Egg Drop Challenge and carrying out all our experiments. Katie’s Mum sent us this picture which sums up our week perfectly!

Art’s Week June 2020

This week we celebrated Art’s Week as a school even though we are still learning from home!

We had three main art activities to choose from-

One was to create a piece of Land Art in the style of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Another was to create a piece of Food Art!

Lastly we could choose to recreate a famous piece of artwork using people and household items.

I hope you like what we created!

Here are our recreations of a famous piece of artwork using people and household items.

Here are our pieces of Land art.

Some Food Art

Some other samples of our Artwork this week.

Christmas in First Class

We spent a lot of time practicing for our school pantomime “Pirates of the Currybean”. We had fun learning lots of new songs. We performed a dance to a song called “Piratical Style” and recited a poem- “Percy’s Treasure Chest”. We dressed up in pirate costumes. It was such fun!

We found time for some Christmas Art too. We made Santa Claus and drew Rudolph. We think we did an amazing job!

Santa visited our classroom and gave us some Christmas pencils.

Look who won selection boxes in our Christmas raffle. I wonder why they look so happy?!

We learnt about Christmas and holiday traditions around the world. A big thank you to Tymek’s mum who showed us how Christmas is celebrated in Poland

and also to Amy’s mum who talked to us about Hanukkah. She taught us a song about a dreidel. This is a game that is played during Hanukkah using a four sided spinning top.

We loved her colourful menorah.

We impressed Mrs. Shirley with our maths skills. She has been teaching us about grouping in sets of tens to make counting easier. We decided we could do even better and grouped our sets of tens into hundreds and then counted our Unifix cubes in hundreds!

Some SESE topics in First Class

We explored the country of India and learned some interesting facts. We looked at some videos about India, we listened to Indian music and we read some Non Fiction books about India. We learned about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. We liked the bright Rangoli patterns that Hindus draw on the floor. We were very impressed with the decorative Mehndi designs that they draw with henna. Did you know that the cow is a sacred animal in India? We made reports on India. Look how they turned out.

Thank you to Tymek’s mum who brought in a sari to show us. We couldn’t believe how much material was in a sari. Take a look-

Thank you to Mrs. Byrne for being our model! Tymek’s mum showed us how a sari is put on. It’s a lot of work!

Household objects from the past.

We have been looking at and learning about objects that were used in the past such as a gramophone, a mangle, a range, a carpet beater, a bellows etc. Josh brought us in a carpet beater and a bellows belonging to his Granny.

We decided we prefer using vacuum cleaners and washing machines today! We listened to music being played on a gramophone. Everyone agreed that listening to music on Spotify was so much better! Times have changed!

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