Art’s Week June 2020

This week we celebrated Art’s Week as a school even though we are still learning from home!

We had three main art activities to choose from-

One was to create a piece of Land Art in the style of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Another was to create a piece of Food Art!

Lastly we could choose to recreate a famous piece of artwork using people and household items.

I hope you like what we created!

Here are our recreations of a famous piece of artwork using people and household items.

Here are our pieces of Land art.

Some Food Art

Some other samples of our Artwork this week.

Week 2 of school closure

Dear First Class parents,

So, first and foremost – I hope you and your family are well.

Are you getting into a routine and adjusting to your new “normal”? I’m sure for everyone it’s a work in progress. The aim is to develop a routine that suits your house and your particular circumstances so your children get a balance of school work, play and outdoor time, and perhaps time with their friends/grandparents/cousins via phone etc.

Thank you all for coming to collect additional books from school yesterday. Your child should now have a writing copy, a Gaeilge copy, a Free Writing copy and a copy with blank pages which we can use e.g. for guided drawings etc. We will be using these over the next few weeks.

We hope to start using a different online platform called “Seesaw” as a tool to communicate with each other from next week. I will be doing my homework too… learning how to use it first! Amongst other things, I will be able to send you attachments using Seesaw for activities/games etc. at different stages over the next few weeks that you can print out and use with your child, if you wish. I am conscious that not everyone has access to a printer so these activities will remain as optional/ extension work for your children. Perhaps those of you that do have printers could try to ensure you have paper/ink at home… if you wish to avail of these activities over the coming weeks!

Please see below your child’s work for next week (23rd– 27th March).

As per last week all work is compulsory except for the work marked optional at the end. Parents, please make sure to correct all work with your child so that you can help them if they are having any difficulties with a particular topic or concept. Please do NOT do more pages in workbooks than what is written below. If your child requires additional work please choose something from the optional section.

I am hugely aware that many of you are working from home and I do not want to add any extra pressure on to what is already a very stressful situation for you all. If necessary, some work can be completed orally instead- simply write “completed orally” at the top of the page. Try to keep it as stress free and fun as possible for all concerned.

In addition to your homework please try to complete the following:

Ready Steady Write pgs. 28-32. Aim to complete one page per day. (Do this half a page at a time so that your child puts their best effort in and uses correct letter formations and correct placement of letters on the lines!)

Over the Moon Skills Book pgs. 101- 104. (Aim to complete one page a day)

Read the story “Spring Picnic Planning” in our class reader “Fun at the circus” pgs. 45-53

Free online resources to accompany this scheme may be found at (Just click ‘Oral Language and Interactive Resources’ in the drop down on the RHS).

Free Writing- In your Free Writing copy write for 10 minutes on a topic of your choice. Remember to use capital letters, spaces between words, full stops and of course, your best writing! Draw a picture to go with your writing.

Operation Maths Our topic this week is “Time” pgs. 101-105 (Aim to complete one page per day)   Edco are giving access to the digital resources that accompany Operation Maths at using the following details: Level-Primary/ Username- primaryedcobooks/ Password edco2020

Use these to aid discussions-

Here is a game you could play-

To help with completing the calendar on p.104…

Bua na Cainte p. 92

Ask and answer these questions orally. Ask different people in your house the questions. Let them ask you questions. Use teddies and toys and ask them questions too…and you give their pretend answers.

Cé tusa? Is mise…

Cén rang ina bhfuil tú? Tá mé i rang a haon.

Cad is ainm duit? … is ainm dom.

Conas atá tú? Tá/ Níl mé go maith.

An maith leat…? Is/ Ní maith liom

Explore with Me pgs. 57-58, 60-61 (Aim to complete one page per day) There are lots of additional activities in the optional section that you might like to use here.

Optional extras (Please do not feel under any pressure to complete these)


  • Revise your Number Facts in your booklet by playing the different card games associated with each set. Instructions for games are in your booklets. You can also find songs on YouTube to go with many of them e.g. the doubles

Here are some activities to help you with the topic of Time in Maths this week-

Listen to these songs about telling the time on the clock-

Make your own clock using this template

Ask questions like- What hour is after 9 o’clock? 11 o’clock? 12 o’clock?

Ann’s school starts at 9 o’clock. What time is it 2 hours later? 2 hours earlier? 5 hours later?

Play Hour and half hour dominoes-

Recite the months of the year/seasons in order (you can find lots of songs on YouTube to help with this)

Call out the days of the week, months of the year, or seasons with one item out of order and ask other player to spot the odd one out. Reverse roles.


  • Here are some ideas based on this week’s SESE topics-

You can access a PowerPoint of the story “The Brown Bull of Cooley” on Twinkl via this link and/or listen to Ronnie Drew retelling the story here

The Water Cycle

Try this fun Water Cycle in a bag activity-

Take a look at these weather related videos:

Water cycle GONoodle Science Video

Water Cycle. The Dr. Binocs Show

What are clouds made of?

Listen to the story “Come on rain”

Weather instruments-

Be a weather watcher-

Beaufort Scale –

Francis Beaufort-

  • Use your imaginative and creative skills to make a rainy day picture– e.g. use… bubble wrap and paint for printing raindrops/ cotton wool for clouds/ cupcake holders for umbrellas/ design your own patterned umbrellas etc. I look forward to seeing your creations very soon!

I hope this is helpful to all of you and will keep your child engaged, and learning over next week.

Together, we’ll make it through this.

Take care and stay healthy…and thank you so much for all the help you are giving your child. They will benefit hugely from it.

And… finally can I say a big hello to all of you in my class. I’m really missing not being with you and hope you are all ok and helping your parents around the house! Every little job helps! Pssst… it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday so perhaps you could make a card for your wonderful Mum to say thank you for being so AMAZING!

Mrs. Shirley

School Closure

Hi everyone,

It was so nice to see you all yesterday when I popped in and to meet the various parents who collected books this morning! I was really looking forward to returning next week and had lots of work and activities planned for you. Unfortunately that cannot happen now, so in the meantime please see below your work for next week (16th-20th March.) All work is compulsory except for the work marked optional at the end. Parents, please make sure to correct all work with your child and do not do more pages in workbooks than written below. If your child requires additional work please choose something from the optional section.

Reading (books from home/library may be used when you have read reading material supplied by school)

Spell Well Wk. 24 p 50, 51

Number Facts Take Away 8

Mental Maths Wk. 25

Ready Steady Write pgs. 23-27 (Do this half a page at a time so that your child puts their best effort in!)

Operation Maths pgs, 94/95 (Operations) and pgs. 96-100 (Fractions- introducing the concept of half of a shape/number)

Over the Moon Skills Book pgs 95-96, 98-100 Free online resources to accompany this scheme may be found at (Just click ‘Oral Language and Interactive Resources’ in the drop down on the RHS).

Explore with Me pg 51 (if you have seeds at home!), 55-56, 62

Note for parents about reading– Please take the opportunity to help your child with their reading comprehension strategies and encourage them to retell the story they have just read.

Use the “Comprehension Helpers” section at the beginning of their reading diaries and use the suggestions as laid out in our school website for Reading Comprehension Questions to use with your child for before, during and after reading

Draw their attention to new vocabulary in their stories and help them to work out what they mean and put them into sentences (orally!)

Optional extras-

  • Go online and watch this video of the story “How to catch a Leprechaun” Afterwards- draw your own Leprechaun trap and write “How to catch a leprechaun”. Think about where you would look for a leprechaun, what you would use to make your trap, where you would put your trap, what you would do if you managed to catch one, and lastly…what would you wish for?!

  • Twinkl is an online educational resource that provides hundreds of educational activities. Due to school closures they have kindly offered parents free access to all Twinkl resources for the next month. To sign up go to  and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS Accessing this offer on will allow parents the opportunity to transform their home into a classroom by being able to access PowerPoints, games, songs, rhymes, stories, worksheets and much more for every area of all subjects on the curriculum! You can go to the dedicated Parents Hub section /1st and 2nd class section to download resources for your child or even download their Year 1 School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack with a set of resources ready to go.
  •  Some really interesting cross-curricular activities can also be accessed for free at the moment at They build their lessons around meaningful fiction and non-fiction stories and videos.
  • I would highly recommend accessing this resource at Fluency and Fitness are giving parents 3 weeks of FREE unlimited access to their site. Through the use of short videos children can practice a variety of Reading and Maths topics with movement breaks that include different types of exercises to keep them active and moving. They could have so much fun doing this that they won’t realise how much they are learning!
  • You can also access some art and science activities here-

Looking forward to seeing you all when we’re back to school!

Mrs. Shirley

Image result for in order to pull together we must stay apart

Christmas in First Class

We spent a lot of time practicing for our school pantomime “Pirates of the Currybean”. We had fun learning lots of new songs. We performed a dance to a song called “Piratical Style” and recited a poem- “Percy’s Treasure Chest”. We dressed up in pirate costumes. It was such fun!

We found time for some Christmas Art too. We made Santa Claus and drew Rudolph. We think we did an amazing job!

Santa visited our classroom and gave us some Christmas pencils.

Look who won selection boxes in our Christmas raffle. I wonder why they look so happy?!

We learnt about Christmas and holiday traditions around the world. A big thank you to Tymek’s mum who showed us how Christmas is celebrated in Poland

and also to Amy’s mum who talked to us about Hanukkah. She taught us a song about a dreidel. This is a game that is played during Hanukkah using a four sided spinning top.

We loved her colourful menorah.

We impressed Mrs. Shirley with our maths skills. She has been teaching us about grouping in sets of tens to make counting easier. We decided we could do even better and grouped our sets of tens into hundreds and then counted our Unifix cubes in hundreds!

Some SESE topics in First Class

We explored the country of India and learned some interesting facts. We looked at some videos about India, we listened to Indian music and we read some Non Fiction books about India. We learned about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. We liked the bright Rangoli patterns that Hindus draw on the floor. We were very impressed with the decorative Mehndi designs that they draw with henna. Did you know that the cow is a sacred animal in India? We made reports on India. Look how they turned out.

Thank you to Tymek’s mum who brought in a sari to show us. We couldn’t believe how much material was in a sari. Take a look-

Thank you to Mrs. Byrne for being our model! Tymek’s mum showed us how a sari is put on. It’s a lot of work!

Household objects from the past.

We have been looking at and learning about objects that were used in the past such as a gramophone, a mangle, a range, a carpet beater, a bellows etc. Josh brought us in a carpet beater and a bellows belonging to his Granny.

We decided we prefer using vacuum cleaners and washing machines today! We listened to music being played on a gramophone. Everyone agreed that listening to music on Spotify was so much better! Times have changed!