Science Week in First Class

What a busy, exciting week Science Week has been! Take a look at these pictures to see what we have been up to.

First of all we carried out lots of different experiments based on the theme of sound.

Aisling watched sugar move because of sound vibrations.

“Me and my sister made a telephone out of paper cups and string to see how sound can travel. It really worked. We could really hear each other. It was fun.”

We made our own xylophones and composed our own songs!

Senan put different letters beside glasses of water. They contained different amounts of water. Then he spelled words by tapping the correct glasses.

Lots of us tried the Walking Water experiment. We learned that the coloured water moves up the paper towel by a process called capillary action. It was fun watching the colours mix too.

We discovered how flowers bloom in spring and made flowers that bloomed in water! We were amazed to watch them slowly open!

Katie and Robyn tried the Poke the bag experiment. Katie watered the herbs in her garden with the water when she was finished!

The Science Behind the Experiment– Plastic bags are made out of polymers, chains of molecules that are flexible and give the bag its stretchiness. When the sharp pencil pokes through the bag, the stretchy plastic hugs around the pencil, creating a watertight seal around the pencil…and the bag doesn’t leak.

These are some of our favourite experiments we discovered and tried ourselves.

As part of Science Week we carried out an Egg Drop Challenge!

We had to design and make a container or contraption to hold an egg and drop it from 1 metre. The aim was to keep the egg in one piece! Disclaimer…some eggs didn’t make it! If the egg cracked we tried to think how we could change our designs the next time to stop the egg from cracking. Judging from the faces on the videos that were submitted this challenge was enjoyed by all! Take a look at the video below to see for yourself!

We had such fun this week with this Egg Drop Challenge and carrying out all our experiments. Katie’s Mum sent us this picture which sums up our week perfectly!

Art’s Week June 2020

This week we celebrated Art’s Week as a school even though we are still learning from home!

We had three main art activities to choose from-

One was to create a piece of Land Art in the style of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Another was to create a piece of Food Art!

Lastly we could choose to recreate a famous piece of artwork using people and household items.

I hope you like what we created!

Here are our recreations of a famous piece of artwork using people and household items.

Here are our pieces of Land art.

Some Food Art

Some other samples of our Artwork this week.

Christmas in First Class

We spent a lot of time practicing for our school pantomime “Pirates of the Currybean”. We had fun learning lots of new songs. We performed a dance to a song called “Piratical Style” and recited a poem- “Percy’s Treasure Chest”. We dressed up in pirate costumes. It was such fun!

We found time for some Christmas Art too. We made Santa Claus and drew Rudolph. We think we did an amazing job!

Santa visited our classroom and gave us some Christmas pencils.

Look who won selection boxes in our Christmas raffle. I wonder why they look so happy?!

We learnt about Christmas and holiday traditions around the world. A big thank you to Tymek’s mum who showed us how Christmas is celebrated in Poland

and also to Amy’s mum who talked to us about Hanukkah. She taught us a song about a dreidel. This is a game that is played during Hanukkah using a four sided spinning top.

We loved her colourful menorah.

We impressed Mrs. Shirley with our maths skills. She has been teaching us about grouping in sets of tens to make counting easier. We decided we could do even better and grouped our sets of tens into hundreds and then counted our Unifix cubes in hundreds!

Some SESE topics in First Class

We explored the country of India and learned some interesting facts. We looked at some videos about India, we listened to Indian music and we read some Non Fiction books about India. We learned about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. We liked the bright Rangoli patterns that Hindus draw on the floor. We were very impressed with the decorative Mehndi designs that they draw with henna. Did you know that the cow is a sacred animal in India? We made reports on India. Look how they turned out.

Thank you to Tymek’s mum who brought in a sari to show us. We couldn’t believe how much material was in a sari. Take a look-

Thank you to Mrs. Byrne for being our model! Tymek’s mum showed us how a sari is put on. It’s a lot of work!

Household objects from the past.

We have been looking at and learning about objects that were used in the past such as a gramophone, a mangle, a range, a carpet beater, a bellows etc. Josh brought us in a carpet beater and a bellows belonging to his Granny.

We decided we prefer using vacuum cleaners and washing machines today! We listened to music being played on a gramophone. Everyone agreed that listening to music on Spotify was so much better! Times have changed!

Hallowe’en in First Class

Take a look at our wonderful costumes. Mrs.Shirley was very impressed!

Congratulations to the winners of our “Home-made” costumes competition…

We had a visit from Garda Mandy who talked to us about safety at Hallowe’en.

We listened to a story about “Crankenstein” and did a guided drawing of him.

Great concentration going on here!

We loved how they turned out-

We enjoyed making our Peek A Boo Hallowe’en cats

Literacy Lift Off

We have started Literacy Lift Off this month. Thank you so much to Mrs. Fenton, Ms. Brown, Ms. DunLeavy, Ms. Byrne and Ms. Farrar for helping out at our stations. Each day we rotate around five different stations. It is hard work but great fun!

New Reading- Ms. Brown helps us to read new books. We use our reading strategies such as Stretchy Snake (stretch it out), Lips the Fish (get your lips ready), Chunky Monkey (chunk the word), Tryin’ Lion (try it again), Skippy Frog (skip it, skip it), Eagle Eye (look at the pictures), Flippy Dolphin (flip the vowel sound) and Helpful Hippo (ask for help).

FAMILIAR READING- Mrs. Fenton helps us as we read books we have already read before. This helps us to develop our reading fluency. We are trying so hard to use expression and obey punctuation marks! We also work on our reading comprehension strategies.

SIGHT WORDS- Ms. Farrar helps us to read and write our sight words using lots of games and activities. We love to use the Sight Words App on our iPads at this station too!

WORD WORK- Mrs. Shirley helps us to blend and segment words (to make and break words) through lots of games and activities. We are getting very good at writing words with blends and digraphs! Next week we will be looking at those tricky Vowel Teams!

WRITING- Ms. Byrne/Ms. Dunleavy help us to write sentences using the sight words and phonics we have worked on at other stations. We also focus on correct letter formations and pencil grip…!! We also enjoy doing some Free Writing at this station.

Here we are in action-

Familiar Reading

Sight Words
New Reading
Hard at work!
Word sorts at the word work station
We love working together.
Playing games at the word work station is so much fun.